The Club

Wanted: Membership Secretary

We are still looking for someone to take on the new role of WEFC Youth Section Membership Secretary to set up and introduce an automated system of dealing with this element of the clubs business, which is currently a manual function. We are considering using a piece of software called 'WebCollect'  or similar.

The job would entail the initial set up of the system, which from the on-line video looks 'fairly' simple, and run it, primarily during the time of year when we are dealing with all the player registrations for the following season, which is usually from around June - end August before the playing season starts. Once set up, it will only be maintaining the system, which should be a minimal task once all the registrations are in.

The system will also be capable of sending newsletters (written by someone else), messages and updates to all the club members and dealing with any membership issues. Basically we need to move from what is today a manual hand written registration system, creating a lot of work for our treasurer, to an much easier to run and maintain on-line system to be able to move the club forward into 2017/2018.

You would be part of and supported by the happy band of current WEFC committee volunteers.

For further information please contact Steve Williams on 07785 385762 or